Work with Leigh

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I’m Leigh.

I do a bunch of things in the gig world and would love to do them with you!

I’m a multimedia producer (podcast, video, documentary); I’m a development editor and copyeditor of online and print work; I am a product design manager, and process manager. In every role, I bring years of writing and reporting experience, strong editorial skills, and an innate curiosity about people and culture.

Have a creative project that needs a production manager? Looking for editorial expertise? Exasperated by the low-quality written content you’re receiving from your freelancers? Then let me help. Contact me at aleewithleigh [at] gmail.

In my non-freelance life I work full time as a Sr. Producer of Multimedia for 1517 Media, where I focus my time on developing books, documentaries, and multimedia content that explores spirituality and meaning in our lives, with a focus on the millennial and generation z audience.

If you’re a writer, journalist, or maker of multimedia who wants to create something with 1517, please contact me at finkec [at]


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