In the past 15 years I’ve worked in online media, politics, journalism, magazine editing, blogging, podcasting, clean energy advocacy, teaching, and academia.

This trajectory represents a life-long love of learning and gathering new experiences. I love making things, talking to people, and working with diverse creators, and I want to do those things in as many different ways as possible.

Some personal details. I have two children, and they’re my light. Being a queer parent is fascinating and challenging, and the task motivates a great deal of my creative and professional life.

My home is St. Paul, Minnesota. My job does take me on occasional visits to New York City and elsewhere, but the Twin Cities are my location love.

Beyond my family and creative life, I am passionate about LGBTQ matters of all kinds. Being trans keeps my queerness present all the time. And I wouldn’t have that any other way.

I also love film (I’ve been reviewing movies in some capacity or other since 2000), reading classic lit (I’ve an MA in Shakespeare), reading genre fiction (horror, then sci-fi), podcasting, quality IPAs, commuting by bicycle, dress shopping, camping, and travel.