Below is a selection of clips and links to my work. Please note: most of my journalism work is under my previous name.


White Savior: Racism in the American Church Writer, Producer

Ending the Silence: Confronting Sexual Shame in the Church Writer, Producer


Boys Don’t Cry at 20: Reflecting on an Indispensable Work of Queer Art.

Energy Equity and Justice for All. Pollen Midwest

What a Hannah Gadsby Emmy Win Would Mean to Me. The Advocate

“What Took So Long?”: Coming Out When You’re Well Into Adulthood. Yes Magazine

When You’re a Transgender Refugee in Trump’s America. Yes Magazine

This Harry Potter Enthusiast Just Came Out as Trans on YoutTube – And Thousands of People Are Watching. Yes Magazine

Marriage Equality for Minnesota? You Betcha. Yes Magazine

Refugee Chaos: Trump Has “Turned The Rules Upside Down”. Truthout

Meet Some Athletes Who Will Compete In This Summer’s Olympics As A Team of Refugees. PRI

Minnesota Churches Face Tough Questions in Offering Sanctuary to Immigrants. Yes Magazine

How Somali Muslims are Raising a 10,000-Person Anti-Hate Army. Yes Magazine

Life in the World’s Largest Refugee Camp. Yes Magazine

There are Good Policing Rules–Why Won’t Officers Use Them With People of Color? Yes Magazine.

Black Lives Matter Shuts Down Mall of America on December’s Biggest Shopping Day. Yes Magazine

In Photos: Minnesotans Face Gunfire and Cold in 11-Day Occupation of Police Precinct. Yes Magazine

Why Diversity is Nearly Meaningless. Yes Magazine

New Movie Finds “No Escape” From Controversy. Here’s What the Filmmakers Have to Say About It. Yes Magazine

Less “Big Bang Theory”, More Dana Scully: What It’s Going to Take To Lead More Girls into Science. Truthout

The Game of Thrones Rape Scene: Why We Can’t Pretend it Never Happened. Yes Magazine

Teenage Advocate of Native Education in Canada Becomes Comic Book Superhero. Christian Science Monitor

The “Twilight” Manifesto: What Pop Culture Gets Right, and Wrong, about Masculinity. Yes Magazine


Faith in Action: A Handbook for Activists, Advocates, and Allies. Contributor

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